It started with a couple dreams

Megan had a dream of attending the Air Force Academy and becoming an Astronaut. Chad had a dream of pursuing a career in digital forensics while also pursuing his love of photography. 

One chilly night on a senior year trip to Duluth, MN,  Chad stood at the front of the Vista Queen broken hearted that his girlfriend had recently broken up with him that day. In fact she was actually on the dance floor steps from him dancing with her new beau. It was at this time he looked out into the Duluth harbor and thought “There has to be a girl out there for me.” Little did he know in that same harbor town lived Megan, the soon to be love of his life

They found love.

Fast forward a couple years and Chad would meet Megan through a mutual friend. They met, fell in love, and got engaged on the shores of Lake Superior and were married in 2005.  They ended up in very different jobs but both had the same passion for photography.

They opened their photography business in 2015 and they fell in love with getting to know couples, their stories about how they met, where they came from, etc. They felt like these stories were so amazing, romantic and sentimental that they needed to come up with a way to keep their wedding stories documented. They had to do it in such a way they could be passed on to their clients kids and future generations. They wanted to offer something luxurious and amazing to document that one day of your life that celebrated you and was about you.

We have all come across that box of old folded, torn pictures from grandma and grandpa’s wedding that we may or may not be able to see because they are faded or torn. Years from now kids will find flash drives in junk drawers that may or may not even work. This isn’t how your luxurious wedding day should be remembered.

This is where the dream began. They thought what if…

What if they could masterfully craft heirlooms for families that were archival and would stand the test of time. They thought of albums that would be hand-crafted with elegance such as superior quality leathers and crushed velvet. As well as soft-touch canvas wall art that is wrapped with custom wood trims. This is how their clients would adorn their walls with lavish images of their day, their story, their heritage…

These are pieces of art that would stand out on the their own and would be the talking point of conversations with their friends.

This is what you want your kids to have to remember your story..

This will be your legacy.

This is Chad & Megan’s Dream…