We asked our clients… “What frustrates you about going to the mall Santa?”

1. Lines…Lines…Lines and more Lines. Our clients do not want to stand in a long line with their children during the holidays. Between bathroom breaks, tantrums, being hungry or just getting bored. Children and lines do not mix.

At Santa Experience we schedule your specific time with Santa so there is no line to wait in. Once you check in with our elves at the front desk you are taken to Santa where the magic begins and your scheduled time.

2. Mall Parking during the holidays…

We host our Santa Experience at two locations each year. One in Duluth, MN and another in a location near the Twin Cities. Neither are at a mall. Both are at a hotel or Conference Center with ample parking space and no congestion. Which leads to an overall happy, easy experience.

3. 10 seconds and 1 image. Was your child crying or making a funny face? Our clients want something different. They want a longer session where the kids can warm up to Santa. They want something interactive and magical for the children.

During your Santa Experience, the children will interact with Santa through multiple triggers such as looking at the naughty and nice list, decorating the tree, reading a story and more. New triggers added each year!

At Santa Experience we want to create an easygoing stress-free experience where the kids will experience Santa in a magical way and create memories for a lifetime and we will be there to capture it as it happens.


Stay tuned for announcements regarding our locations this year and when we will be opening registration! It is first come first serve so keep your eyes peeled! Like our Facebook page for even more updates!


– Chad & Megan Schmidt

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